Plate straightening machines MG SRL

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Plate straightening machines working width 1050mm up to 3100mm, sheet thickness up to 65mm

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MG produces a complete range of straightening machines, the ideal solution to avoid problems during the production process of the coils: cutting, bending, pressing and shearing. In fact, sheets produced by rolling lines often have defects due to non-planarity: they affect downstream processes, causing costly delays in production.

The MG range of straightening machines eliminates any possible curvature and sheet corrugation, reducing costs and customer problems. Our multi-cylindrical straightening equipment works by subjecting the material to “alternating deformations”: the diameter and the spacing of the rollers are essential to obtain a perfect result, according to the thickness and type of material processed. The MG straightening machines are able to eliminate all forms of curvature and corrugation of the metal sheet. With a performing process of plastic deformation alternating with motorized rollers: a greater number of rollers in the case of thin and minor materials for thicker sheets.

Each machine is adapted to the thickness and type of material processed. Designed and manufactured with a configuration of 5, 7, 9 rollers (the lower ones are hydraulically controlled), for the processing of sheet metal of the required width and thickness.

The MG system consists of 4 upper straightening rollers and 5 lower rollers. It also includes 4 rollers that clamp the sheet metal, two for each part of the machine on the entry and exit side.

Technical data Plate straightening machines

TypeWorking widthCapacity yield pointCapacity yield pointStraightening rollsPinching rollsHP
mm260 N/mm2360 N/mm2mmmm
sp 10061050651501405.5
sp 101010501081901807.5
sp 10161050161321021010
sp 10201050201826026015
sp 10251050252232031020
sp 15061550651601605.5
sp 1510155010821021010
sp 15161550161327026010
sp 15201550201828028015
sp 15251550252236036020
sp 15351550353240040025
sp 20062050651701707.5
sp 2010205010823022010
sp 20142050141227026010
sp 20202050201832031020
sp 20252050252237035025
sp 20402050403545039040
sp 20502050504250039050
sp 20652050655257040060
sp 25062600651701707.5
sp 2510260010824023010
sp 25142600141232030015
sp 25202600201836035025
sp 25252600252241027030
sp 25322600323043033040
sp 25402600403546034050
sp 25502600504251037060
sp 25652600655252042075
sp 300831008624024010
sp 3010310010828026015
sp 30143100141232030020
sp 30203100201837035030
sp 30253100252241027040
sp 30323100323046029050
sp 30403100403551030095
sp 305031005042580370100
sp 306531006552650440125

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