Surface grinding machines M-MOOS

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CNC Surface grinding machines series BP are based on many years of experience the company M-MOOS have with the overhauling and modernization of grinding machines for automatic production. They are designed for efficient and precise grinding of flat and contoured surfaces. The overall machine concept follow the company philosophy: To provide modern grinding machines and technologies that will meet the requirements of industrial production in the 21st century.

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Machines key features

+ Intuitive and simple operation

+ Fast dialog type programming

+ Sophisticated and easy cycles

+ Re-grinding to precise dimensions

+ Solid cast-iron construction machines

+ V-V Guideways guarantee high precision

+ Wide range of standard equipment

+ Comfortable operation and maintenance

Control system X-Solution

This 3rd generation of our own control system comes from the previous systems developed for the purpose of modernization of grinding machines for automatic production. X-Solution means a lot of new options, which is reflected in the standard equipment of whole system. It is based on a touch screen, intuitive interface and dialog type program making with sophisticated grinding cycles for different workpieces.

+ Intuitive and easy operation

+ Reduction of time delays

+ Faster program creation in few steps

+ Possibility to add a new customer´s cycles

+ Reliable system with on-line diagnostic

+ Sophisticated system management

Standard functions

  • Dialog type program making
  • 10“ touch screen
  • 2 base grinding cycles for surface
  • 4 base cycles for grooves grinding
  • 3 cycles for grinding of stairs type workpieces
  • 3 grinding cycles for T – shapes
  • Rough grinding
  • Fine grinding
  • Wheel spark-out
  • Re-grinding function to final exactly dimension
  • Cycles for grinding wheel dressing
  • Automatic compensation after dressing
  • Tabular visualization during grinding
  • Displaying of speed, feed rate and cutting speed
  • Tool table with a direct selection and edit
  • 3 operating modes: Jog, Manual, Auto
  • 2 parent modes: operation and adjustment
  • Time and Date
  • Alarms and user reports
  • Technological information

Optional function

  • Measuring cycles
  • Machining time simulation
  • Robot interface
  • Maintenance automatic checking
  • Implementation in to the job management
  • 12″ touch display

Table type CNC surface grinding machines

ModelBP-2550 / BP-3060 / BP-4080
Max. cross x longitudinal travel350 x 900 mm
Spindle center height from table600 mm
Grinding surface of table250 x 500 mm / 300×600 mm / 350×800 mm
Table speed in longitudinal axis1-25 m/min
Hydraulic motor (2AX only)1.5 kW
Working feed1240 mm/min
MPG step feed0,001/0,005/0,01/0,05 mm
Grinding wheel dimension355 x 38 x 127 mm
Grinding wheel cover dimension450 x 155 mm
Max. height from table top
to bottom of standard wheel
422 mm
Spindle motor3.7 kW
Spindle speedStepless speed change 2400 rpm
Machine net weight3000 kg
Machine gross weight3600 kg

Column type CNC surface grinding machines

ModelUnitBP – 50100BP – 50120BP – 50150BP – 60120BP – 60150BP – 60220BP – 60250
Max. cross x
longitudinal travel
(mm)560 x 1150560 x 1350560 x 1650660 x 1350660 x 1650660 x 2350660 x 2650
Spindle center height from table(mm)700
Grinding surface of table(mm)500 x 1000500 x 1200500 x 1500600 x 1200600 x 1500600 x 2200600 x 2500
Table speed in longitudinal axis (m/min)1-25
Working feed(mm/min)1240
MPG step feed(mm)0,001/0,005/
Grinding wheel dimension (mm)standard 355x50x127
Grinding wheel cover dimension (mm)Standard
450 x 155
Spindle speed
(rpm)Stepless speed change 2400
Spindle motor (kW)7.5(11)
Hydraulic motor(kW)03.07.22
Machine net weight (kg)58006100700065007400890012500
Machine gross weight (kg)690075008500790090001200015600

For all inquiries and more info about our machines please contact us by:

Phone: +420 581 773 251