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AMOB tube end forming machines MB

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Our end forming machines can manipulate up to 150mm OD tube and cover a wide range of diameters and applications. With
one to three station end forming machines, along with the ability to integrate additional punching stations, AMOB can cater
for any application with our in-house custom design and manufacturing abilities. With a small compact operating area, these
machines can be easily integrated within an automatic production cell. These fully hydraulic machines enable consistency,
reliability and fast production cycle times, and can be easily attached to a wide range of systems.

Technical data MB

Machine modelUnitMB30 MB60 MB100 MB150 MB200 MB250
Maximum capacity mm Ø30×3 Ø60×4Ø100×5Ø150×6Ø200×6 Ø250×6
Forming stroke (max) mm168 170 215 240240 250
Forming stations nrup to 3 up to 3up to 3up to 3up to 3up to 3
Working pressure bar165180180 200200200
Installed power kW47.57.5112230

For all inquiries and more info about AMOB machines please contact us by:

Phone: (+351) 252 330 900

email: sales@amob.pt