Fiber lasers Eckert

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Fiber lasers with working area from 1500×3000 up to 2000×6000 mm


Diamond Fiber Laser cutting machine that operates with a fiber laser technology. It is dedicated to users whose priority is speed and the highest cutting precision also in complicated contours. The utilization of fiber laser technology significantly decreases the complexity of laser system and directly reduces operating costs compared to CO2 laser technology. Individual consumer’s needs are ensured by the application of compact gantry construction that enhances stability, completely closed safety cabinet protecting against laser radiation and capability of adjusting the working area dimensions.

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Main features

  • state-of the art cutting technology
  • capability of processing a wide range of reflective materials (copper, brass, polished materials)
  • long-term reliability ensured by the highest quality components produced by renowned manufactures
  • innovative PCS system which is able to analyze and precisely select piercing time with accordance to the material applied (optional)
  • optional instalment of linear actuators to replace servomotors
  • fully automated cutting process with load and unload of the plates (optional)



Portal construction assures stability  and endurance of the whole machine. Completely closed safety cabinet covering the entire cutting area and the utilization of exchangeable pallet tables increase the work safety. The construction of the railway is based high precision linear slides and modern servo motors to guarantee accuracy cutting head set-up, high dynamics and trouble-free operations.

ECS872 Control Panel

ECS872 centre is a high quality industrial device, equipped with touch screen. Efficient components and construction resistant to extreme production conditions guarantee failure free operation. Unsurpassed functionality of  proprietary software and intuitive drive interface enable full exploitation of the machine’s capacity.

Automatic pallet table

Exchangeable pallet table consists of two working areas which enable the possibility of alternate entering and departing the working area allowing the unloading of finished elements and loading new material. Pallet table is equipped with belt feeder responsible for collecting elements which are to small to retain on the grate. The table is equipped with safety laser gates to realize the required safety of work.

Cutting head with PCS

Precitec cutting head ensures exceptional reliability and cutting quality. Integrated distance sensor safeguards stability and prevents collisions. To protect its high grade optical components, this cutting head is fitted with a protective glass which is located in the cartridge. Optionally installed, innovative PCS (Piercing Control System) controls the laser beam emission while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Technical data

ModelDiament Fiber Laser 2
DrivesServo AC
Working area1500 x 3000, 2000 x 4000, 2000 x 6000 mm
Z axis movement115 mm
Max. axis positioning speed (X,Y)120 m/min
Positioning accuracy+/- 0,03 mm
Laser beam power1000 – 6000 W

Standard laser sources

Power (W)100020003000400050006000
Recommended cooling capacity (kW)2,14,26,48,510,412,6
Electrical connection (kW)32,16,19,112,115,118,2
Max. material thicknessYLS-1KWYLS-2KWYLS-3KWYLS-4KWYLS-5KWYLS-6KW
Mild steel (mm)101518202225
Stainless steel (mm)4810121520
Aluminium (mm)4810121515

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