iLaser – Fiber laser by MVD Makina

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Fiber lasers working sizes from 3000 x 1500 mm up to 8000 x 2000 mm
Resonator Power from 1 kW up to 10 kW

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Cutting Head

World’s most known and trusted Precitec ProCutter Laser Cutting Head

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Led Status Indicators

  • Motor system state
  • Head temperature
  • Pressure
  • Glass heat/pollution status

Protective Glass

Protecting the optics against dirt and fume, monitoring of attendance and contamination, tool-free, easy change cartridge

Auto Height Adjusting Sensor

Keeping the cutting height same all over the sheet metal,
assuring high-quality cuts by the capacitive sensor in the head.

Auto Motorised Focus System

Motorized focus position adjustment for automatic machine
setup and piercing work.

Smart status display

Real-time status monitoring over the CNC panel or
mobile app.

CNC Control Unit

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ESA and LYNCA CNC Controllers 21” wide touch screen, with
easy use panel design all controls are at your fingertips.

CNC Control Unit features

  • Windows operating system
  • Multi-touch graphic screen
  • Multifunctional keyboard, button/joystick/speed potentiometer
  • EtherCAT communications for data transfer or machine control
  • Enhanced Database for cutting parameters, for different type
    materials and thicknesses
  • Fly Cut functions for same direction high-speed cutting
  • “No Piercing” technology for thin materials, efficiency time and
    cost improvements
  • Better results at thick cuts, by prioritizing all piercings process before
    regular cutting
  • Remote connection to PC
  • Multi-language support
  • Enhanced sheet metal recognition software
  • Referencing and sheet alignment functions
  • Setting different user-login levels for operators/maintenance/admin
  • Multi-functional workpiece job order search/recall function

Power Source

Perfect Cutting Perfect Beam Quality

Multi Mode Fiber Laser Resonators

  • IPG, nLight and Raycus various resonator options
  • Optimum focus diameter
  • Maintenance free technology,
  • Continuous perfect beam quality
    with a laser beam is transmitted by the fiber core through the
    fiber cable.
  • High efficiency, low consumptions of electricity fiber laser
    technology, 5-6 times the lower runnig cost
  • Possibility to cut Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum,
    Copper Brass, Titanium and various materials

Chiller Unit

IPG or OMI options
Digital micro processing controlled industrial purpose chiller unit

CAD/CAM Software

Automatic Part Nesting

  • Libellula and Lantek options
  • Offers perfect nesting efficiency for automatic or manual part nesting
  • Copy, move, reverse, turn alignment manual, semi-automatic,
    functions geometrical working
  • Advanced nesting algorithm optimizes the use of
    a material, minimizing scrap.
  • Can work with standard sheets stocked in the warehouse and/or with
    scraps obtained from previous processes.

High Accuracy, Speed and Stability

  • Automatic cutting path determination
  • Time/Cost analyses
  • Simulation before actual cutting
  • Smart Part importer / Exporter from CAD system, DXF, DWG,
    IGES, Step etc file formats
  • Part Drawing module, call parts, automatic or manual nesting,
    machining, CNC codes generates, Sheet metal stock searching etc
  • Various input/output methods, film burning, specialized piercing,
    fast laser, micro-joints, head direction management, edge binding
  • Complicated functions and programmable cad cam system for
    Common cut, micro joint, lead in lead out parameters

Automatic Camera Nesting and Referencing

The advanced camera system can recognize and measure the location, size of a randomly placed sheet on the table.
Allows you to place and do nesting for parts Helps you start just in a few seconds

Technicial Specifications

 iLaser3015402060208020 unit
X Axis3040403060308030mm
Y Axis1535203020302030mm
Z Axis120120120120mm
Max. Axes Speed150150150150m/min
Syncronized Speed210210210210m/min
Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.05+/- 0.05+/- 0.05+/- 0.05mm
Repeatibility+/- 0.03+/- 0.03+/- 0.03+/- 0.03mm
Machine Weight16500222002775033250kg
Max. Loading Capacity1500250040006000kg
Table Change Time24304560sec
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 Power1 kW2 kW3 kW4 kW5 kW6 kW8 kW10 kW unit
Output Power100-1000200-2000300-3000400-4000500-5000600-6000800-80001000-10000W
Mild Steel816182022253030mm
Stainless Steel46101215182022mm
Oxygen Gas Pressure1313131313131313bar
Nitrogen Gas Pressure2525252525252525bar
Air Gas Pressure13 or 2513 or 2513 or 2513 or 2513 or 2513 or 2513 or 2513 or 25bar
Average Electricity Consumption1520303545506070kw/h

For all inquiries and more info about our machines please contact us by:
Phone: +90 332 239 22 33