iPunch – Punch press by MVD Makina

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Punch presses for sheet metal sizes 1250 x 4000 mm and 1250 x 5000 mm
X-axis 2000mm +Repositioning , 2500mm + Repositioning
Y-axis 1250mm
capacity 30 tons

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General Features

  • Operating System is CNC and hydraulic.
  • MVD Turret Punch 4 axes controlling; X, Y axes for movement of sheet,
    T axes: Turret rotation, C axis: Auto-index station rotation for indexing tools.
  • 32 station Turret as to allow punching complicated, multi and different size holes parts in a single operation.
  • Auto–index stations can punch to required angle for various angle shape parts with CNC controller.
  • MVD special narrow bottom table.
  • Precision forming and roller tools can be use on the Turret, therefore HTP Turret punch provides.

Punch Technology

  • Special Tool drawing
  • Auto-index functions
  • Auto clamp positioning
  • Automatic Sheet Repositioning
  • CNC CAD provides automatic or manual nesting for effective use of sheet metal
  • Roller Tools usable
  • Common cut function
  • Ribbon cutting for splitting sheet
  • Auto index reducing cycle time functions with rotations to nearest position
  • Tools punch sequence selection

Standard Equipments

  • 4 Axes CNC System
  • FANUC PC CNC unit, servo motors and drivers
  • Rexroth and HL hydraulic unit
  • 32 Stations Turret – 10 A Stations, 16 B Stations, 2 C Stations 4 D Station (2 of them Auto Index)
  • Repositioning of Clamps
  • Automatic reference
  • CAD/CAM program
  • Automatic Clamping

Optional equipment

  • Tool Adaptors
  • Extra D index station
  • Thin & Thick Turret Tools

Punch press Technical data

iPunch SERIES30322-60030322-900 
Press Capacity3030ton
Max. Sheet Dimensions, Table Size1250 x 40001250 x 5000mm
X Axis Stroke2000+Reposition2500+Repositionmm
Y Axis Stroke12501250mm
Maximum Sheet Thickness (Mildsteel)6,06,0mm
Maximum Sheet Weight160,0160,0kg
Biggest Tool Hole Diameter88,988,9mm
Turret Options3232Station
Turret Stations Feature10 A Stations øMax:12,7mm
16 B Stations øMax:31,7mm
2 C Stations øMax:50,8 mm
4 D Stations øMax:88,9mm
10 A Stations øMax:12,7mm
16 B Stations øMax:31,7mm
2 C Stations øMax:50,8mm
4 D Stations øMax:88,9mm
Auto index2 D Stations (4 D Optional)2 D Stations (4 D Optional)Station
TableBrush and RollerBrush and Rollertype
Positioning Accuracy± 0,1± 0,1mm
Hits Per Minute600900hpm
X, Y Axial Speeds7070m/min
X,Y Axial Vectorel Speed100100m/min
Manual Clamp Quantity3 Manual
(Auto Clamp Optional)
3 Manual
(Auto Clamp Optional)
Turret Rotations Per Minute3030rpm
Tool Change Time2,52,5sec
Number of Axis4Lor4pcs
Control UnitFANUCFANUCtype
Oil Tank200200lt
Main Motor1111kW
Air Pressure0,850,85Mpa
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)5500x4500x21005500x4500x2100mm
Approx. Weight15.00015.000kg

For all inquiries and more info about our machines please contact us by:
Phone: +90 332 239 22 33
e-mail: info@mvd.com.tr