OMERA C-Frame Mechanical Presses

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C-Frame Mechanical Presses with

Nominal Force up to 3150 kN (315 tons)

Speed up to 120 rpm

Stroke up to 250 mm

Omera C-Frame Mechanical Press

C-frame mechanical presses are specifically used for blanking and for the manual single-stroke or automatic cycle stamping of small parts. The current range includes flying and flag presses from 63 to 315 tons. The 63-ton is the smallest of the range, with the slide running on 4 guides. From 160-ton onwards, the slide moves on 6 guides. 

Quality as Standard

C-frame mechanical presses are produced in series. This allows to optimize not only the production process but also the quality controls thus obtaining a highly reliable product.

A wealth of Accessories provided

C-frame mechanical presses come already complete with a large number of accessories.

Easy Maintenance

C-frame mechanical presses are designed to have a centralized management of the control elements, with clear and detailed instructions that facilitate the maintenance.

Quick Die Changing

It is possible to integrate into our whole range of C-frame mechanical presses:

  • Lifting rails on the table
  • Movable brackets
  • Automatic die clampers

Technical data
Tonnageton63 63 100100120160200250315
Model nameUnit63R463R4HS100R4100R4HS120R6160R6200R6250R6315R6
Nominal ForcekN6306301000100012001600200025003150
Nominal Speedrpm74106633500900014000160002300024050
Energy at nominal speedJ2100100054007,51518,518,52222
Motor power + inverterkW4 4 7,547,5886054474341
Variable speedrpm45-10465-15035-8840-12036-8230-7827-6227÷6020÷60
Adjustable strokemm9-1209-12010-14010-14010-14013-18016-22018÷25018÷250
Slide adjustmentmm8080100100100115135150150
Protrusion at centremm275275330330335350390445500
Max distance 1st table-slide
at B.D.C. (*)
Passage between the columnsmm310310350350380540580660680
Table and 2nd table dimensionsmm750×750750×750950×660950X6601020X6601200X7201300X8101400X8801500X1000
Table and 2nd table thicknessmm65/6565/6570/7070/7080/8090/90100/100115/115130/130
Table discharge holemm165165165165165200200200200
Slide dimensionsmm500×350500×350570×390570×390660×470900×6101000×6251100×7201200×800
Slide tang hole diametermm505050505065656565
Approximate weightkg4380438060306030780014500182002390028000

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