One shaft multi Rip saws TOS Svitavy

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This saw is designed for longitudinal sawing of wooden strips, laths from unwashed, unplaned timber or from one-sided or both – sided unwashed, unplaned timber by using one or more saw blades. The Cut method and the number of selected saws depend on the used technology. The machine design allows the installation of a fixed saw bushing or in a special machine design to use a fixed saw case in combination with one or two adjustable bushings. The machine is used in all woodworking plants mainly in the production of furniture scantlings, in the production of laths, etc. These machines can be supplemented, according to the customer’s wishes, with handling equipment at the inlet and outlet.

Rip saws PWR 421

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Technical data

ModelPWR 421PWR 421 4RPWR 421 PPPWR 421 V
maximum cutting width [mm]400400400400
cutting height max./min. [mm]160/12160/12150/12160/18
minimum length of cut material individually [mm]750750750750
minimum length of material to be cut with pressure plate [mm]650650650
minimum length of material to be cut with auxiliary roller [mm] *500500500
max. width of inserted material [mm]870870870870
feed rate [m/min]4,404,404,404,40

PWR 421 4R – machine with four driven rollers in the pressure box

PWR 421 PP – machine with adjustable sleeves

PWR 421 V – the feeding belt is replaced by rollers

PWR 321, 401 and 301

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Technical data

ModelPWR 321PWR 401PWR 301
maximum cutting height [mm]140160140
width of the feed belt [mm]350450350
maximum distance of edge saw blades [mm]300400300
minimum length of material to be cut [mm]500500400
maximum width of inserted part [mm]770870770
saw blade diameter [m/min]4-404-404-40

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