Turning centers Trens

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CNC Turning Centers with
Turning diameters from 320 to 500 mm
Turning lengths from 500 to 2000 mm

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  • Variable building kit based on monolithic slant bed of cast iron – high rigidity and accuracy of the machine
  • Quality components from renowned producers – long lifetime and long reliability while preserving repeatable accuracy of the machine
  • Production of strategic components in own premises with continuous checking and accuracy evaluation at 3D measuring devices
  • X-axis measuring by linear scale as a standard – increased machining accuracy
  • Grease lubrication – lowering the environmental impact
  • No-attendance automated mode with feeders and part catchers – lowering production costs

Productive turning centers of a rigid construction with slant bed designed for high precision and productive machining in challenging conditions of multi-shift operation.


  • High precision and productive machining of simple as well as complex shape workpieces
  • Steady cutting process with high repeatable accuracy of machining
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Modular concept of the machine allows configuration tailored to the technological needs of production
  • Variety of turrets with VDI couplings with or without live tool drive and optionally with Y-axis
  • Wide scope of executions and accessories – clamping devices, bar feeders, part catchers, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
  • Newest technologies in the field of drives bring savings in electric energy
Working Range       
Max. swing over bedmm530530650630750
Max. turning diametermm320/260*260550410500
Max. turning lengthmm500500750/1500*750/1500*2000
Turning length between chucksmm 485650/1400*  
Max. bar diametermm5042/51*/74*74/117*74/117*107
Max bar diameter with  bar feeder reduction bushingmm4334/43*/66*66/109*66/109*97
Max. workpiece weight clamped between centerskg200200 4202500
Max. workpiece weight clamped in chuckkg8080 215250
Main spindle       
Spindle nose (DIN55026 A & ISO702-I A2) A2-6A2-5/A2-6*/A2-8*A2-8/A2-11*A2-8/A2-11*A2-11
Internal spindle taper   METRIC 100/
– *
– *
Spindle boremm6557/65*/92*92/133*92/133*127
Spindle diameter in front bearing mm10080/100*/120*140/180*140/180*180
Max. spindle speedmin -140004000/5000*/
Max. spindle speed with reductor 1:4min -1    700
Chuck diametersmm210170/210*/254*254/315*254/315*315/400*
Spindle drive:      
Main motor output S1kW117/9*/11*/15*2222/30*37
Main motor output S6kW1510/13*/
Torque (as per version) S1Nm8479,7 – 215,7*355/490*196 – 490*484
Torque – 2nd gear S1Nm    1935
Carriages and drives       
X-axis (VDI 30)      
Cross slide feed rangemm.min -11÷100001÷100001÷100001÷100001÷10000
Cross-slide rapid traversemm.min -12400024000240002000016000
Working travelmm198198300270420
Working travel with radial turret*mm 168*   
Y-axis *  (VDI 25)      
Feed range of Y-axismm.min -1 1÷5000 1÷5000   
Y-axis rapid traversemm.min -1 750024000  
Working travel of Y-axismm  +/-40 +/-60   
C-axis *      
Continuous control° 0-360 step 0,0010-360 step 0,001  
Max. spindle speedmin -1 40/36*/32*50/45*  
Torque (as per version) S1Nm 410/450*/500*337/380*  
Longitudinal slide feed rangemm.min -11÷100001÷100001÷100001÷100001÷10000
Longitudinal slide rapid traversemm.min -13000030000300003000020000
Working travelmm550550905/1655*905/1655*2170
Working travel with radial turret*mm 485*   
Z2-axis *      
Counter spindle slide feed range*mm.min -1 1÷100001÷10000  
Rapid traverse of counter spindle slide*mm.min -1 3000030000  
Working travel of counter spindle slide*mm 530770/1520*  
12-positional axial turret SAUTER PRAGATI    
No. of tool positions 1212 1212
Type of tool disc (12-position) Slotted disc/VDI disc*VDI VDIVDI
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880)mm30*30 4050
Max. tool cross-sectionmm20×2020×16 25×2532×32
12-positional axial turret SAUTER with live tools*No. of positions 12 positions /
12 driven
No. of tool positions  12121212
No. of driven tool positions  121266
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880)mm 30404050
Coupling  B 15×12,
DIN 5482
DIN 5480
B 17×14,
DIN 5482
B 20×17, DIN 5482
Max. tool cross-sectionmm 20×1625×2525×2532×32
Driven tools motor outputkW 4,5106,17,8
Max. torqueNm 17631327
Max. RPMmin -1 3000400040002750
12-positional radial turret SAUTER with live tools*No. of positions 12 positions / 12 driven12 positions / 12 driven  
No. of tool positions  1212  
No. of driven tool positions  1212  
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880)mm 3040  
Coupling  W16x0,8x30x18,
DIN 5480
DIN 5480
Max. tool cross-sectionmm 20×1625×25  
Driven tools motor outputkW 7,510  
Max. torqueNm 2063  
Max. RPMmin -1 50004000  
12-positional radial turret SAUTER s Y-axis with live tools*No. of positions 12 positions / 12 driven   
No. of tool positions  12   
No. of driven tool positions  12   
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880)mm 25   
Coupling  W14x0,8x30x16,
DIN 5480
Max. tool cross-sectionmm 16×12   
Driven tools motor outputkW 1,5   
Max. torqueNm 9,5   
Max. RPMmin -1 6000   
Tailstock sleeve internal taper MORSE 4*MORSE 4MORSE 5MORSE 5MORSE 6
Tailstock sleeve travelmm500*500125125150
Tailstock travelmm  800/1750*900 
Clamping force rangedaN50-600*50-60050-60080-820250-2400
Tailstock control programmable travel* NC programmable travel NC programmable travel NC programmable travel manual/
 mm 16-101* 25-158* 
 mm 8-105* 15-170* 
 Mpa 0,5-2,5* 0,5-2,5* 
 kN 3,5* 6,0* 
 m.min -1 800* 725* 
 m.min -1 850* 875* 
 mm 425* 1300* 
 mm.min -1 1÷6000 1÷3000* 
   Centrálne olejové mazanie Centrálne olejové mazanie* 
   NC programovatelný pojazd rucne/vlek opierky* 
Counter spindle       
Spindle nose (DIN55026)  A2-5A2-6/A2-8*  
Spindle boremm 5765/92*  
Spindle diameter in front bearing mm 80100/120*  
Max. spindle speedmin -1 4000/5000*4000/3500*  
Chuck diametermm 170210/254*  
Counter spindle drive       
Counter spindle motor output S1kW 7/9*9  
Counter spindle motor output S6kW 10/13*13  
Torque (as per version)  S1Nm 79,7 – 122,4*102/117*  
Counter spindle C-os *      
Continuous control° 0-360 step 0,0010-360 step 0,001  
Max. counter spindle speedmin -1 4068/62*  
Torque (as per version) S1Nm 410252/273*  
Machine dimensions :       
Length with chip pan/with chip conveyor to the right side*mm3320/4220*3320/4220*5050/5800*3655/5460*6800*
Weight – version with tailstockkgcca 3500cca 3500cca 6300cca 6620cca 11000
Weight – version with counter spindle*kg cca 4000*cca 6500  
Control systems   SIEMENS 840D SolutionLine + Operate  
SIEMENS 828D SolutionLine + ShopTurn  yesyesyesyes
FANUC 0iTD + Manual Guide i yesyes yesno
  *special execution*special execution*modular execution  


CNC slant bed lathe for performance turning of high precision flange and shaft shape workpieces. Proven machine design with high rigidity. Digital servo drives with ground ball screws and linear roller guideways with direct X-axis measuring. Reliability even in most demanding technological conditions. The machine in configuration with programmable tailstock and bar feeder is suitable for high performance and maximum turning productivity in mass production.

Most important features:

  • CNC slant bed lathe for machining in two controlled axes
  • High accuracy and reliability for continuous operation
  • Modular machine conception – possibility to change machine options throughout its lifetime
  • 30% energy saving – digital drives with energy recovery during braking
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Machine designed for medium to large-series production for machining simple as well as complex shape workpieces. Execution with movable counter spindle allows complete workpiece machining and finishing at single machine which shortens production time and increases workpiece accuracy. This machine significantly contributes to increased productivity while considerably decreases investment costs. High variability of modular concept allows to build up optimal customized configuration from simple 3-axis lathe up to high productive 9-axis turning center for automated mode.

Most important features:

  • High variability of building kit allows to build customized machine according to customer technological requests
  • Optional versions with electro spindles
  • 12-positional turret VDI 30  with/without live tools or Y-axis (size VDI 25)
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Wide scope of versions and accessories – hydraulic clamping devices with chuck or collet chuck, bar feeders, part catchers, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
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Turning center with rigid construction slant bed is designed not only for heavy roughing but for demanding finishing operations with focus on high accuracy and surface quality too. Exceptional steadiness of cutting process is ensured by high stiffness of individual machine components. Long-term operational reliability designates this machine for turning workshops with continuous operation and high productivity demands. Turning center can be operated in full automated mode when equipped with devices for automatic workpiece manipulation.

Most important features:

  • 12-positional turret VDI 40 with/without live tool drive
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Version with distance between centers of 1500 mm
  • Direct spindle position measurement-high accuracy in out-of-axis machining at big diameters
  • Wide scope of versions and accessories – hydraulic clamping devices with chuck or collet chuck, bar feeders, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
  • Machine covers with reinforced areas – high level of operator protection


Turning center for effective production and high productivity achievement. Optimized design of the machine carrier structure, Y axis on saddle wedge principle in combination with linear roller guide ways guarantee high rigidity, constant repeatable precision and maximum machining stability. The variability of the modular conception allows flexible adaptation of machine configuration to customers’ demands.

Most important features

  • Modular conception allows configuring the machine for wide range of technologies and materials
  • Counter spindle with passing hole clamping allows complete machining
  • Y axis with saddle wedge contributes to increased stability of cutting process
  • Fast turret with 12 live tools size VDI 40
  • C-axes with independent servomotors for achieving precise and stabile work piece position during cutting forces loading
  • Linear roller guide ways with bearing capacity dimensioned for hard roughing but also precision of finishing operations
  • Increased spindle bores extend the machining possibilities for wider assortment of work pieces
  • Integrated control panel improves machine control ergonomics for operator
  • Programming in 3D through cycles
  • Technology of servo drives with electric energy saving
  • Option of industrial robot integration for manipulation of raw material and work pieces
  • Coolant aggregate with pressure from 0.7 MPa (7 bar) up to 2.0 MPa (20 bar)
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Top representative of SBL range turning centers is designed for medium to large series production for demanding machining of large-dimensions workpieces of complex geometrical shapes. It is suitable for technological workshops focusing on large dimensions flange and shaft production in engineering where precision, quality and high production efficiency plays crucial role.

Most important features:

  • 12-positional turret VDI 50 with/without live tool drive
  • Remote diagnostics and data management
  • Spindle drive output 37 kW (S1)
  • Wide scope of versions and accessories – hydraulic clamping devices with chuck or collet chuck, bar feeders, tool probes, automatic door opening, vapour exhaust system
  • Machine covers with reinforced areas – high level of operator protection
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