Waterjet-Plasma Opal Combo Eckert

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Plasma-WaterJet combo machines with working sizes from 1000 x 1000mm up to 6000 x 12000 mm

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Machine Characteristics

Patented Opal Waterjet Combo is able to combine the advantages of quick plasma cutting with precision of water jet.
Synergistic effect of combining two different technologies allows the cutting machine to exploit both assets. The cutting machine offers versatility and flexibility for a wide range of users form small to big companies.

Plasma cutting

The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut. This technology can be use to cut all metals, because they are electrically conductive.

3D water cutting

Water cutting is separating the material with a jet of water is the most accurate method for cutting and chamfering almost any kind of material. Water cutting provides the highest quality of edges and lack of heat affected zone.

Parameters of single element cutting

Water cutting 
Water cutting time4 minutes 2 seconds
Water cutting speed253 mm/min
Water consumption15 dm3
Abrasive consumption1,7 kg
EquipmentNozzle 0,35 mm
Tube 1,02 mm
Accustream DiaLine Head
UHDE HPS4037 Pump
Total cutting time4 minutes 2 seconds
Combo cutting (plasma + water) 
Water cutting time2 minutes 3 seconds
Water cutting speed253 mm/min
Water consumption9 dm3
Abrasive consumption1,0 kg
EquipmentNozzle 0,35 mm
Tube 1,02 mm
Accustream DiaLine Head
UHDE HPS4037 Pump
Plasma cutting time18 seconds
Plasma cutting speed2020 mm/min
Plasma sourceVictor UltraCut 200XT
Total cutting time2 minutes 21 seconds

500 elements nesting. Aluminum 8 mm. Sheet 3000×1500 mm

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Main Features

  • innovative, patent protected technology of integrating waterjet and plasma allows automatic cutting utilizing both of them
  • fully automated cutting process with two different cutting technologies
  • the reduction of production costs even by 70% with comparison to standard waterjet machines
  • universal cutting tool for every material
  • possibility of installing Pro-X 3D head
  • ability to apply any required technology during edge cutting of a single element
  • robust construction and reliability

Technical data

ModelOpal WaterJet
DrivesServo AC
Cutting width1000 – 6000 mm
Basic working length1000 – 12000 mm
Cutting thickness – Waterjet 2D0,5 – 250 mm
Cutting thickness – Waterjet 3D0,5 – 150 mm
Cutting thickness – PlasmaDepends on the offered plasma source
Positioning speed25000 mm/min
Positioning accuracy±0,025 mm

Standard plasma power supplies

KjellbergMax. piercingMax. from the edge
SmartFocus 30040 mm80 mm
SmartFocus 40050 mm100 mm
HiFocus 161i Neo30 mm50 mm
HiFocus 280i Neo40 mm70 mm
HiFocus 360i Neo50 mm80 mm
HiFocus 440i Neo50 mm120 mm
Q150030 mm60 mm
Q300040 mm80 mm
HyperthermMax. piercingMax. from the edge
XPR 30050 mm80 mm

Standard high pressure pumps

Power [kW]2230373745
Max. flow [l/min]2,33,13,83,84,6
Pressure [bar]40004000400040004000
Power [kW]222937223745
Max flow.[l/min]3,12,73,82,64,36,0
Pressure [bar]380038003800413638006200
UHDE ThyssenKruppHPS 4022HPS 4037
HPD 4037
HPD 4055HPD 4075HPS 6045
HPD 6045
HPD 6090
Power [kW]223755754590
Max. flow [l/min]2,33,85,77,62,85,4
Pressure [bar]380038003800380060006000

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