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WaterJet cutting machines with cutting width from 1000 to 6000 mm and cutting lenght from 1000 to 12000 mm,
Cutting thickness up to 250mm for steel, stone, wood, plastic materials

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Opal Waterjet cutting machine was created in response to the need of obtaining smooth, high quality finish with no heat-affected zone or thermal distortion. Utilization of waterjet cutting allows work with a wide variety of materials such as: stone, wood, plastics etc. up to 250 mm thickness. Optional use of PRO-X 3D cutting head widens design capability of the machine by 3D operations.

Main Features

  • versatility
  • there are no dust as a by-product of cutting
  • abrasive or pure water cutting
  • waterjet cutting system can operate with up to four cutting heads at a time
  • customised high pressure pump adjustment
  • dross free cutting minimizes post processing



Opal Waterjet has gantry construction. The machine is made from steel closed profiles which ensure great stability. Rail elements where protected against harmful influence of water with protective bellows or covered by aluminium parts. Relatively low weight of the gantry and specially grounded racks furnishes our Opal Waterjet with excellent dynamics and high precision motors boosts accurate positioning.

ECS872 Control Panel

The most modern i-Vision Controller is the high quality industry machine has Corning® Gorilla® Glass’s touchscreen. Efficient parts and the strong construction ensures reliability Onyx working. Many functions of own software and simple controller’s interface let to use all of machine’s possibilities. Standalone controller delivers the unique comfort and safety of machines operator. It make also possible to watching the cutting process and controller’s using at the same moment.

Water Table

Opal Waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the robust water table with double grid system. Steel, fully tinned (as option) construction insures durability and corrosion resistance. The detached table construction ensures maximum stability and smooth running operations.

2D Cutting Table

2-axis waterjet cutting head Accustream is utilising proven in practice hydro-abrasive cutting technology. Well designed construction head equipped with height sensor and anti collision device guarantee the best quality cuts and faultless operation.

Technical data

ModelOpal WaterJet
DrivesServo AC
Cutting width1000 – 6000 mm
Basic working length1000 – 12000 mm
Cutting thickness – waterjet 2D0,5 – 250 mm
Cutting thickness – waterjet 3D0,5 – 150 mm
Positioning speed25000 mm/min
Positioning accuracy±0,025 mm

Standard high pressure pumps

Max. flow [l/min]2,33,13,83,84,6
Pressure [bar]40004000400040004000
Power [kW]222937223745
Max. flow [l/min]3,12,73,82,64,36,0
Pressure [bar]380038003800413638006200
UHDE ThyssenKruppHPS 4022HPS 4037
HPD 4037
HPD 4055HPD 4075HPS 6045
HPD 6045
HPD 6090
Power [kW]223755754590
Max. flow [l/min]2,33,85,77,62,85,4
Pressure [bar]380038003800380060006000


For all inquiries and more info about our machines please contact us by:

Phone: +48 606 676 517

email: handlowy@eckert.com.pl