Fermat Bridge-Type machines

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FGT bridge mill

CNC table-type bridge mill, adjustable according to the dimensions of the workpiece.

X-axis Travel of Table: 5200mm
Y-axis Horizontal Travel of Headstock : 3900mm
Z-axis Vertical Travel of Ram : 1550mm

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  • Its design guarantees maximum rigidity at the lowest possible price.
  • Though it doesn’t have a transverse crossbeam, it has ram travel up to 1,550 mm.
  • Equipped with movable table.
  • Great variety of optional accessories and milling heads.
Fermat FGT units
Spindle taperSK 50 (ISO50) / BT50 / CAT50 / BIG+
Spindle speed (max.)rpm3000
Max. Power Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6)kW41 / 61,5; 53 / 77,9
Max. Torque Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6)Nm1230 / 1846; 1591 / 2338
X-axis Travel of Tablemm5200
Y-axis Horizontal Travel of Headstockmm3900
Z-axis Vertical Travel of Rammm1550
Rapid Feed X, Ymm/min.12000, 12000
Rapid Feed Zmm/min.12000

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