Horizontal panel saws Putsch Meniconi

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Horizontal panel saws for cutting materials dimensions 3200 x 3200 x 80 up to 4500 x 4300 x 80 mm

for cutting wood materials: Plywood, Laminate, Hardwood, hardboard, Chipboard

for cutting plastic materials: Acrylic, PVC, Plastic laminate, Lexan®, Makrolon Bayer®, Methacrylate, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate , Polypropylene, Forex

for cutting special materials: Insulated panels, Plasterboard, Corian® , Polyurethane, Trespa®, Fiberglass , Honeycomb panels

Vantage 95 series

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The horizontal beam panel saw has an heavy duty structure able to withstand the most difficult cutting conditions and projected for an intensive use that has very short tuning and working times.

This horizontal panel saw is part of the new generation of Putsch Meniconi Spa cutting machines that always guarantee the highest cutting precision and performance: rack-and-pinion feeding system assures precision and high-speed to avoid dangerous vibrations. Automatic adjustment of the main blade projection on 3 levels (mm 22-52-95) based on the thickness of the panel to be cut. The pneumatic blade changing system allows the easiness of execution with reduced times for the replacement of the blades, without tools.

With Putsch Meniconi VANTAGE 95 is possible to execute several cutting operations in accordance to different types of materials, including also post-forming panels.

Putsch Meniconi Spa Vantage 95 horizontal panel saw offers different cutting dimensions with its three customized models of 3200-3800-4500 mm cutting length by 3200-3800-4300 mm pusher feeding run. The user friendly programming of Vantage 95 Putsch® Meniconi through Office PC is extremely simple and user-friendly. The Vantage 95 Putsch Meniconi horizontal beam panel saw is equipped with a “Putsch-Cut” optimizer that allows an easy cutting management and the highest care of the waste and high productivity. The optimizer can be installed both on board of the machine and in the office.

Horizontal beam saw VANTAGE 95 has a standard main blade motor of 9,2 kw and 1,1 kw standard blade scoring motor. More powerful motors available under request. The intuitive interface of Putsch Meniconi VANTAGE 95 horizontal panel saw supports the user in the setting of the cutting types: consequently, you can get the improvement of productivity and waste of time.

Technical data

Cutting capacityVantage 95 – 3200Vantage 95 – 3800Vantage 95 – 4500
X (mm)320038004500
Y (mm)320038004300
Z (mm)808080
mm 95 or 110Ø mm 350 or 380mm 3200 – 3800 – 4500mm 3200 – 3800 – 4300
kW 9,2kW 1,1Ø mm 150Standard 3-70 m/min
Optional 1-130 m/min (brushless)
Standard 3-70 m/minnr. 3 (3200 – 3800)nr. 5 (3200 – 3800)
Optional 1-130 m/min (brushless)nr. 4 (4500)nr. 4 (4500)

Product video

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