Double shaft multi Rip saws TOS Svitavy

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Double shaft multi Rip saws are designed for bulk longitudinal cutting with prism and scantlings from unwashed, unplaned timber or from one-sided or both – sided unwashed, unplaned timber by using one or more saw blades. The machine is of a compact structure designed for medium-heavy operations and intended for inclusion in the processing lines for sweeping with a cutting height of up to 250mm. These machines can be supplemented, according to the customer’s wishes, with handling equipment at the inlet and outlet.

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PWR 412, 422

Technical data

ModelPWR 412PWR 422
maximum cutting height [mm]200250
width of the feed belt [mm]450450
maximum distance of edge saw blades [mm]400400
minimum length of material to be cut [mm]800900
maximum width of inserted part [mm]870870
feed [m/min]4-404-60

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