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About Strojegradnja SAS

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Strojegradnja SAS, Arzenšek Stanko s.p.

Strojegradnja SAS is a qualitative and reliable manufacturer of hydraulic bending machines, following development trends and customers’ needs.
We are a family run business, specializing in the development, production and selling of machines for bending, cutting and storing sheet metal. With our knowledge, experience and tradition we manufacture machines, which facilitate work and contribute to greater productivity in production plants. By fast dynamics of axis motion, graphic design and the possibility of remote controlling and programming, our newest products draw nearer to trends of Industry 4.0.

During its 30 years of operation Strojegradnja SAS proved itself as one of the biggest European manufacturers of machines for bending sheet metal thinner than 2 mm. In 2018 we manufactured the 500th hydraulic machine at our plant and thus strengthened our position in the market and proved ourselves as a qualitative and reliable manufacturer of hydraulic bending machines.

Company numbers


31 years of operation 

The company was established in 1988.


Manufactured 500+ machines

In 2018 we manufactured the 500th hydraulic machine.


Different Countries

You will find our machines in 28 countries around the world!


Number of fairs presence

Every year we participate on 11 international fairs and conferences!

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Company Address

Strojegradnja SAS, Arzenšek Stanko s.p.

Krtince 11c
3241 Podplat


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Phone: +386 3810 4110