TOS Svitavy

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Wood working machinery:

One shaft multi Rip saws

Double shaft multi Rip saws

Edger saws

The cross cut saws

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About TOS Svitavy

TOS Svitavy was founded in 1948, when the United Machine Tool Factory took over the company owned by the former textile factory of H. Sponner in Svitavy and created his own subsidiary factory for  producing table and column drills. In 1951 TOS Olomouc production of clamping tools = chucks  was transferred here and production was further extended by milling machines. In the 1960s, a program produced in the interwar period = woodworking machines returned to Svitavy. TOS Svitavy, located in Svitavy,  was established on 15.2.1991.

In 1996 the company was completely  privatized and its majority owner is B.G.M. Holding, a.s. Prague. Since 1997, the company has implemented and used a quality system according to EN ISO 9001: 2015. TOS Svitavy machines are manufactured in accordance  to  CE standards.

The company employs about 150 employees and exports its products to approximately 50 countries. The largest sales are realized in countries such as  Poland, Slovakia, the USA, the United Kingdom, France. The company has its own capacities for research and development.

Company address

TOS Svitavy, a.s.
Říční 2269/1d, Předměstí,
568 02 Svitavy
Czech Republic


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Phone: +420 461 563 111