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About Trens

Joint Stock Company TRENS SK, a. s. is the biggest machine tools producer in Slovakia and for the long time it belongs to the most important machine tools producers in Europe.
Across its entire, recently 80 years old history, company has focused on engineering with emphasis on machine tools which are, until today, known under the brand „TOS“.

In the present company exports up to 95% of its production of universal centre lathes and CNC lathes to more than 80 countries of the world where they are known for high reliability, precision and technical level.
Company has production capabilities to cover requirements of its own production and cooperation works as well. All machine tools are being developed with focus on the up-to-date trends in CNC machine tools and customer requests. Longtime experience, investments into constant research and development and modernization of the production lead to harmonization of internal environment and inclining production effectiveness. Results are innovative solutions adapted to demanding market requirements which are sought by a number of renowned foreign companies.

Company offers its customers not only wide range of machine tools but also service, overhauling, technology preparation and operator trainings.

History of the company dates back to 1937, when Czech company WALTER decided to move production of aircraft engines to Slovakia. In the following decades the production program as well as use of factory buildings have changed from warehouses to overhauling works, production of agricultural and food industry machines and appliances to production of military equipment and machine tools. Milestone in the corporate history were the years 1951-1952, when the production of universal center lathes began. Since that time the company has been focusing only on the production of machine tools. Significant growth of machine tools production was recorded in 1962 when the own Research & Development department for machine tools was established. Legal form of state ownership has changed several times up to independent state factory in 1989-1992.

In 1963-1998 the company operated under the brand name TOS Trenčín. In April 1998 the change of the brand name to TRENS, a. s. was approved. Even though TRENS had to give up using the brand „TOS“, tradition of high quality of machine tools, their technical excellence and long lifetime remain the main priority of the company.

Since 2011 the company acts under the changed brand name TRENS SK, Joint Stock Company​

Company address

Súvoz 1
911 32 Trenčín,
Slovak Republic


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Phone: +421 915 180 451