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C-Frame Mechanical Presses from 63 to 315 Ton

Straight Side Mechanical Presses from 130 to 2000 Ton

C-Frame Hydraulic Presses from 50 to 250 Ton

Straight Side Hydraulic Presses from 125 to 2500 Ton

Trimming Beading Machines

Automatic Production Lines



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In year 1951. five young people sharing the same idea decided to embark on a professional adventure to create a new company – OMERA – an acronym standing for Officina Meccanica E Riparazione Autocarri (Mechanical Workshop And Lorry Repairs). Their initial business activity was actually repairing and selling on the market vehicles left over from the Second World War.

As the years passed, in year 1952. OMERA became leader in the Italian market in the production of iron work machines with a serial production.

The 70s were fundamental years for the technical development of OMERA:

  • in 1970 the design of mechanical presses began 
  • in 1977 the first Omera hydraulic press was installed

1986. in order to integrate the drawing process of the press with the trimming beading operations, OMERA began to install automatic production lines using conveyor belts, automations and dies.

OMERA embraced an operating philosophy aimed at the energy efficiency of the production site and of the system produced, through:

  • An energy autonomy achieved thanks to its photovoltaic system
  • The environment preservation through the clean energy
  • The production of machines with energy saving packages

In year 2021. OMERA celebrates 70 years of business in the spirit of continuous innovation and successes experienced together with its customers. Thousands of hydraulic and mechanical presses, trimming beading machines and automatic lines produced and installed all over the world, as evidence of the quality and success of the company in its 70 years of life.

OMERA INDUSTRIES consist of a synergic operative body including OMERA SRL, TIMAC SRL (manufacturing company of automations and special machines for sheet metal working) and OMERA MAWE, operating on the German-speaking market.

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Quality, as a real fundamental element of a company strategy able to give to customers that product satisfaction they are longing to receive: in such a way OMERA outlines its production process showing most of the competitive advantages.

Our cutting-edge solutions are the result of a company technical culture that has always encouraged over the years a technological evolution in the hydraulics, electronics, telematics and components.


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OMERA S.r.l.

Via Ponte dei Granatieri

836010 Chiuppano (Vicenza)


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Phone: +39 0445 805 444