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About MG SRL

The MG SRL was born in Italy, Fossano, in the Cuneo area, in 1959. Founded by Giovanni Roccia and Bruno Giraudo, takes its first steps as a contracting workshop of the “Bongioanni Spa”.
In 1981. the construction of bending machines for sheet metal and profiles began. A few years later, it allows to concentrate efforts and investments aimed at improving production. With a branch in Forlì, the leading company in the construction of sheet metal bending machines, has subsequently specialized under the guidance of the members Massimo Roccia and Giorgio Giraudo, sons of the founders, and Franco Barca who deals with the design in the branch.
In 2010, with more than 60 employees, including many specialized technicians, MG srl was the protagonist of the world scenario thanks to the creation of the largest grille ever built: the “MG32520Z”, it is 7,70 meters high; 7,10 meters wide; 13,70 meters long and weights 350 tons, which allows it to bend sheets of sheet 3 meters wide, 25 cm thick.

In November 2011, MG srl becomes the protagonist of a technical and constructive renewal, thanks to the acquisition of Delsy Srl, an Italian manufacturer of numerical controls, among the best known in the global panorama of the sector: thanks to this union, the MG machines become more reliable and beautiful, while maintaining the right quality/price ratio.
With its 90 employees, on a surface of 6000 square meters covered and a total of 12,000 square meters of land, MG srl currently covers 60% of the Italian market and exports its machinery to the United States, Latin America, China, New Zealand, Arabic Emirates, Australia, Vietnam…
MG bending machines are designed and manufactured to obtain performances equal to 3 times the diameter of their upper roll with 260 N/mm2 yielding sheets and are able to meet any need for plate bending, through a wide range of models with useful working length from 500 mm to 8000 mm and capacity from 1 to 300 mm.

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MG srl
Via Ceresolia 20
12045, Fossano (CN)


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Phone: +39 0172 691 327